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Portrait of a man in Old Delhi, India.

Kristian Bertel is a photographer with a vast interest in documentary photography, photo essays and portrait photography. The approach to his photographs is primarily to tell stories and a curiosity to know more about cultural differencies.

India, a country of diversity
In a country as diverse and complex as India, it is not surprising to find that people here reflect the rich glories of the past, the culture, traditions and values relative to geographic locations and the numerous distinctive manners, habits and food that will always remain truly Indian. According to five thousand years of recorded history.

Portraits of people in India
"- Around the time in 2008 I began a series of images of field photography in India. The brutal reality of the lives of the people in the streets was a contrast to my other work. The images regularly contain a darkened background on the subject. The subjects contain a still life in the street scenery and it is often the people being stagnant which brings a sense of suspension to the images", the photographer says.

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Photo from the harsh streets of Varanasi, India.

The picture portrayed above is captured in Varanasi of a sleepy-eyed man resting on the ground at Vidyapath Road. A place in Varanasi, where the whirring street markets and the hectic traffic bound with the temple of Bharat Mata. Varanasi is located in the middle Ganga valley of North India, along the left crescent-shaped bank of the Ganga river.

About the photographer
With a focus on humanity and diversity the aim of his documentary photography is to describe these topics in mainly people and landscapes. His photos from India are taken in the regions of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. The imagery and additional photos are displayed in series online. "- The photo has a curiosity to get an insight look into the subjects’ characters that inspires me with the process of the photographs", the photographer says. He is available for editorial assignments all over Europe, Asia, Africa and in the Middle East. For further information and inquiries please:
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More photographs from India
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